Friday, 27 April 2007,12:05
Hello stitchers,
do you like the new signatures?
I've created one for every member. I've done it for you in your last post; you can copy the code from it.
What you have to do is:
  1. login to blogger and go in the dashboard;
  2. select "modify post": you can modify only the posts you've created;
  3. go to your last post, where I put your signature for you and press "modify";
  4. go to the "HTML modify" label, at the left of the "Write" label;
  5. go to the end of the post and copy the code (it starts with a < and continue with div style="text-align ...)
  6. copy it in a doc file, to conserve it for the future.
When you'll write your new post, go to the HTML modify label and paste the code you've saved; you'll have your signature at the end of your new post!

Write me if you have some difficulties.
Members who haven't still published a post can copy it when I'll put the signature for them.


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