Friday, 4 April 2008,11:14
Some explications about the Quaker exchange *updated 04/04/2008
You have to be a member to join the Quaker animal exchange: don't worry, it simply involves that I register you as a contributor of the blog, I only need a valid email address where send the invitation.
Vice versa, be a member doesn't mean to join the exchange.

Theme is the only rule to respect: the exchange is about Workbasket quaker animals.

The exchange involves only the finished piece, not the pattern: what you will have to send is only your stitched and finished piece, and you will receive only a stitched and finished piece.

You can finish your piece in whatever way.

You can find Workbasket patterns in almost every US online shops.
I can suggest you Stitching Bits & Bobs, 123 Stitch, ABC Stitch Therapy, only to name some.

We have to achieve almost 10 members to start the exchange.

You will know who to send but not from who.

If you're interested in it, don't be afraid of the deadline: it will be about middle June.
Send me an email to subscribe.

Updates on the partecipants:
  • Veronica
  • Elena
  • Paula
  • Gwen
  • Edgar
  • Meg
  • Margie
  • Carol
  • Judy
  • Jan
  • Donna
  • Yuko
  • Mercy
  • Valerie
  • Jennifer
  • Irene *new

Hope I've helped everybody has questions about it,


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