Sunday, 30 March 2008,07:29
Quaker Redwork
I just love stitching these Quaker motifs. This one is a freebie at A Mon Ami Pierre's site. I have another one of these motifs over at my etsy shop for $15.00 if you are interested in the fabric with needlework stitched on it without any finishing.

Design: Motif from Quaker Six Mains
Designer: A Mon Ami Pierre
Stitch Count: 47 by 47
Dimensions: 3 inches by 3 inches
Fabric: 32 count Bay Rum Jobelyn over: 2
Floss: DMC variations radiant ruby #4210
Finishing: tuck pillow
Stitched By:

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Wednesday, 26 March 2008,23:00
Here is the Red Sampler all finished. I know it looks a little wonky on the picture, but I had it resting on my knees when I took the photo! lol

This is stitched on Vikki Clayton's uneven linen (36ct/40ct) and it was a dream to stitch on it. A little 'thin' initially but I did enjoy stitching this. I also used a Red Mystery Spool of Vikki's too. I love the way that it has come out!

I have also started a new WIP, photos will follow. It is Quakworth and I am stitching this on 25ct cream over 1 with another one of Vikki's mystery silk spools.

In stitches

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posted by quakered Gibeltarik | quaker link | 3 quaker comments
Tuesday, 25 March 2008,02:52
Quaker Needle Book
It seems that A Mon Ami Pierre was the pattern of choice over the Easter holiday. I have seen quite a few finishes on various blogs using the large freebie pattern "Quaker a 6 Mains". Here is my interpretation made up as a needle book. The design is stitched with Needle Necessities "Bali Hai" on 28 count cream linen. It is finished with light blue cording. The pages are blanket stitched using Bali Hai and are made of felt.

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posted by quakered Jennifer | quaker link | 2 quaker comments
Sunday, 23 March 2008,00:33
Scissor Pocket Featuring A Mon Ami Pierre

Here is a little piece I put together today after stitching these A Mon Ami Pierre free quaker motifs on it the last 2 days.

Visit me at The Passion of My Needle.
Design: Special Quaker Six Mains
Designer: A Mon Ami Pierre
Fabric: 32 count lambswool Jobelyn over 2
Fiber: DMC variations Radiant Red (#4210)
Stitched by: Tracy

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Friday, 21 March 2008,20:39
Bluebird's Needles and Pins
Here is a little Quaker finish which I stitched up in just one evening. It is Blackbird Designs Bluebird's Needles and Pins from the book With Needle and Thread. I used GAST instead of WDW. This was a present for a stitchy friend.

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posted by quakered Sally | quaker link | 4 quaker comments
Finish..."Heart and Hand"
My first finish to display here! I hope it is worthy of the true art works I see on this blog. It is a little freebie from Hands to Work, "Heart and Hand". It is stitched on 28 count natural/raw linen using Needle Necessities #127 Macualvey Manor. I was very hesitant to use such a large amount of my precious NN threads, as the company has gone out of business. Luckily some friendly bloggers clued me in to the replacement threads by a company called Threadworx. I found their full color chart(and conversion from NN) at Needle In A Haystack. Go to the 'threads/ribbon' area and look up Threadworx.
I am really tempted to be part of the next exchange, the Quaker Animals. It would be my first exchange project! But I need to stick with my New Year's Resolution of not buying any new patterns, fabrics or threads. I have done very well so far, with the generosity of friends helping to relieve some of the withdrawal pains. The Quaker Animals are so lovely though, so I might be tempted.........
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Realizzato su lino Weeks dye work sulla tonalità 'beige' con filati in seta Crescent Color .
I stitch this sampler on Weeks dye work 'beige' linen and Crescent Color silk.
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Tuesday, 18 March 2008,11:38
Quaker animals exchange
Until now, these are the participants to the Workbasket quaker animals exchange:
  • me
  • Elena
  • Paula
  • Gwen (miss your address)
  • Edgar
Where are the 30 other voters?
My target is to be almost 10 members to start the exchange.
So, who are interested, don't be afraid of the deadline, it will be about middle June.
Send me an email to subscribe.


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Monday, 10 March 2008,15:01
Finished BP SAL
I did finish the BP SAL - but I think I forgot to post it - Sorry!!!
Here is a snap of the finished piece - I made this a a memorial piece...... the initials are those of my grandparents and my dad.

It was a great piece to stitch and I can't wait for the next SAL

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posted by quakered Edgar | quaker link | 10 quaker comments
Sunday, 9 March 2008,22:30
Hello from Jennifer/OH
Thank you for inviting me to be part of this blog. This is the first blog group that I have ever joined and I am a bit nervous. I am not very computer-savy, but I love to stitch. In the past year I have really become interested in the Quaker designs. My first Quaker finish was Carraige House Samplings "Quaker Stocking". Quite an undertaking for a first project! I have been doing needlework of all kinds since I was a girl. Please visit my blog Ohio is My Dwelling Place.

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posted by quakered Jennifer | quaker link | 1 quaker comments
Sally's Introduction
Many thanks for the invitation Veronica! My name is Sally, I live on the east coast of England, and I discovered Quaker designs not that long ago. I don't have many at the moment but I intend on building my stash up! The first one I stitched was Papillon Creations Simple Little Quaker and straight away I was hooked. I love the simplicity of the designs and they are so easy to stitch.

I am currenly stitching Blackbird Designs Loose Feathers no.29, Where My Heart Blooms, and am also kitting up Bygone Stitches A Quaker Christmas to start as soon as I have everything together. I am very much looking forward to stitching this one and have chosen Carrie's Creations for it. I am also taking part in an RR of With My Needle Ackworth Friendship Book which is great fun to stitch.

I have a blog at which is mainly about my stitching:)

Looking forward to being a part of this blog:)

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posted by quakered Sally | quaker link | 1 quaker comments
Quaker poll result and SAL
So, that's the result of the past Quaker poll.

It seems most members would partecipate to a WB quaker animals exchange. So, the one interested, please e-mail me here: Dolci Fusa mail
your address and a hypothetical deadline.
Once I'll collect all the partecipants, I'll update everyone and the blog with the effective deadline. You will only know who you will have to send your quaker animal, not from who.

Another news is the new SAL.
As the last SAL was almost forsaken (only Edgar has a concrete WIP), it's time to stitch something together.
I don't want to propose any pattern for now, let's see what you suggest. Leave a comment in this thread.
Only a thing: a small-medium size pattern, please!

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SharonS' introduction
Hi, my name is Sharon and I am so excited to be here. I am so very Quaker inspired. I have done quite a few Quaker designs. Right now I am working on Quaker Christmas and the Quaker Mystery by Martina Dey. I am also stitching Quaker Cat and Mouse for a gift for my daughter using the dmc variations threads. I will take pictures and post them soon. My blog is Please check out some of my stitching there. Looking forward to getting to know all of you.

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posted by quakered Sharon | quaker link | 2 quaker comments
Many thanks for the invite
My name is Carole and I am married to Andrew. Have been on a Quaker spree now for the better part of a year. Below you will find the first one that I stitched and since then I have stitched the companion, Tsunami Sampler and am at the moment, currently stitching Martina's Mystery 2008 Sampler.

I have also stitched Quaker Alphabet and Quaker Moments by Debbie Draper and have loads of patterns that I wish to stitch! I am also nearly finished with Quaker Style Friendship Sampler in silk. Hopefully it will be this week.

One of these days I will actually get around to stitching BP and her Companion since I have everything ready for it!

In stitches,

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posted by quakered Gibeltarik | quaker link | 2 quaker comments