Friday, 29 June 2007,22:49
Quaker June news
Here the last Quaker releases, in alphabetically order:

Debbie Draper Designs

Quaker Alphabet

Quaker Moments

Midnight Stitching

Quaker Row

The Workbasket

Quaker Teddy Bears (left)

Faith Hope Love (right)


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Counting Book Samplar
I started stitching "Counting Book Samplar" from Little By Little.
This design has two cat,maybe one is ladey and the other is man.
The lady cat has red choker. The two cats are so pretty!
For this stitch,I dyed the fabric with tea.
The color becomes Sepia, it looks very nice.:)

Oh,Thank you sooo much for the pretty signature for me!!
This is suitable for my character.:D

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posted by quakered piko | quaker link | 0 quaker comments
Saturday, 23 June 2007,12:10
Hello, dear stitchers!!

Thanks for the invitation, Veronica. I'm very excited... so happy! Because I often visit this site with admirable. (sorry, I'm not good at English. maybe I frequently use odd English)
I'm Piko from Japan. I live with my husband and a lovely dog.

I'll up this quaker motif from Quaker Post. Now I've made something by using quaker motifs. Below may be used for it. My work is imperfect yet though, as I' wanted to introduce myself to everyone, I'll up this :)

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Friday, 22 June 2007,21:33
It's Finished!!!
It took me two weeks, but I finally got my Quaker Samplings I done this afternoon. I stitched it on tea dyed evenweave with Vikki Claytons silk floss in Plumage.

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posted by quakered Hoarders Extraordinaire | quaker link | 3 quaker comments
Monday, 18 June 2007,22:28
A Fob for an exchange...

This is a fob I made for someone who loves Quakers & Blackbird Designs (this design is from the With My Needle Book). I stitched it on 40 ct Lambswool with Crescent Colours Soie Belle silks and finished it with a blanket stitch around the edges. I think it turned out cute. Thanks for looking!!

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posted by quakered Amy | quaker link | 5 quaker comments
Tuesday, 12 June 2007,23:36
Quaker Exchange projectHello Ladies!! I'm part of this blog about some weeks ago, but did not have time to post yet, but I have it marked and read every post when they are published. Congratulations to all for the great projects you have finished or have in progress, they are very inspiring :)

I have done few Quaker projects, and have many in my TO-DO list. Right know i have Quaker accesories in progress just need to stitch the pincushion to finish the set, but for now I do not have time for it. I just finished a Quaker Needle Roll for a Quaker exchange,no pictures yet.
You can see pic of my Quaker project finished and in progress in my blog:
Quaker a 6 mains
Mystery Quaker Sampler from Martina Dey
Accessoires Quaker from AMAP

I will love to participate in a future SAL, but right now I will busy modelstitching some new designs, but I will enjoy following all your post and progresses.

Happy Stitching day!!


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posted by quakered Mayté Bermúdez-García | quaker link | 3 quaker comments

Here she is!! I worked SIMPLE LITTLE QUAKER on 32ct Cream Belfast linen with Carrie's Threads in these colors: Wedgewood, Peacock, Mystic Moss, Gold, Gold Glow, Teal Mist, Bullfrog and Strawberry Shake. I did change the verse to make it more of an anniversary sampler for Marty and I which I put our initials and year of marriage on as well. I love it!!

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posted by quakered Tanya | quaker link | 6 quaker comments
Monday, 11 June 2007,15:43
Second week
I could not spend that much time as expected yesterday, so I did not finish that first motif, but I really am enjoying stitching on this one, quite sorry about putting it away for a week...
And a picture for you:

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posted by quakered Rita | quaker link | 3 quaker comments
Sunday, 10 June 2007,03:38
Quaker Saturday :)
Thank you for the invitation to join this blog first of all ;)

I worked most of this afternoon on Quaker Samplings I. I'm doing it on a tea dyed evenweave that I dyed earlier this week. I'm using 'plumage' from Vikki Clayton. I love how it looks so far ;)

Last weekend I stitched one of the Quaker Trees freebies by
The Workbasket.

And earlier this week I stitched up this freebie from Papillon for a needlebook class I'm doing online.

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posted by quakered Hoarders Extraordinaire | quaker link | 1 quaker comments
Saturday, 9 June 2007,15:53
Marvellous Basket
With great pleasure, let me introduce
the Marvellous Basket
a blog of "Making of".
The first project, the linen book, is already online;
it was realized by Maria, who stitched the logo too (above).
Let's go to discover it!


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Wednesday, 6 June 2007,18:51
Quaker Samplings I & an Intro
Hello everyone!

Veronica invited me to join you some weeks ago, and here I am finally managing to get around to my first post. :-)

I've really enjoyed reading through all the posts. Everyone's projects are just beautiful!

This is my first WIP photo of Quaker Samplings I. I'm stitching mine with the recommended thread (CC Milady's Teal - I love stitching with Crescent Colours!) on Lakeside Linen Maple Sugar.

And as that photo isn't very exciting ;-) I thought I'd also share a few other Quakers that I've done too...

Quaker Meetinghouse

My recently framed Quaker Garden

I'm planning to do one of the larger Quakers later this year. I'm still undecided as to WHICH, though. Those I'm considering are LD Moulin Rouge; Hannah Beeby; SL Sarah Tatum; SL Ann Grimshaw and probably a few others. Grimshaw is favourite at this moment! So many choices out there now for beautiful Quakers...

Concetta (a.k.a. Tina, the Italian Scot!)

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posted by quakered Concetta | quaker link | 2 quaker comments
more progress on SIMPLE LITTLE QUAKER

I'm nearing the end of this project and just love it!!! I changed the verse to TIS THE GIFT TO BE LOVED AND THAT LOVE TO RETURN, which is a verse from a Quaker/Shaker tune that I like. The colors are really yummy, esp the Strawberry Shortcake. (I had it confused with Bubblegum, also a good color!) I'm planning on making it into a pillow for the bed and it's going to be an anniversary sampler for DH and my self. I might put our wedding date and initials in the gold circle. Enjoy your day!

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posted by quakered Tanya | quaker link | 2 quaker comments
Tuesday, 5 June 2007,14:38
BP sal I
Hi girls!
Yesterday I could not find the time to post, but here it is now:
Not much of a progress, only half of a motif, but still- a progress.
The material is a home-made linen about 100 years old (from inheritance), the floss is DMC 902. I like it very much, stitching on it is very much fun.
See you next week!

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posted by quakered Rita | quaker link | 1 quaker comments
Monday, 4 June 2007,17:22
Sorry for not have posted
Well, no excuses in fact: I have had to work hardly on a proof correction and haven't the time to stitch. I have otherwise prepared the fabric, signed the center, put few stitched and haven't touched it for a week. Next Sunday I'll absolutey have to work on my Beatrix.
These are the materials I've chosen:
fabric: Zweigart 32ct dust blue;
threads: Sea Foam silk from Vikki;
needleminder: Curios cat from Kelmscott.

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posted by quakered Dolci Fusa | quaker link | 1 quaker comments