Wednesday, 4 April 2007,22:40
Hello everyone!
I am happily joining your SAL. I can hardly wait to get home to pick out fabric and treads for the Blackbird Quaker House pattern!

Currently the Quaker I'm working on is Midsummer Night Designs' "Quaker Meetinghouse". Completed it is supposed to look like this:
Midsummer Night Designs Quaker Meetingshouse
But I am not using the colors it calls for so my WIP looks a little different:
Midsummer Night's Dream-- Quaker Meeting House as of 4/2/2007
The threads I changed to are Silk and Colors "Stormy Skies" (blue), Sampler Threads "Grape Leaf" (green), and Silk and Colors "Nan's Mulberry" (pink). I think I am stitching on 32-count parchment jobelan.

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