Tuesday, 24 June 2008,15:20
Let's exchange!
It seems everyone has finished her/his quaker piece for the exchange.
So let's send into this week.

I wish remember all you the exchange concerns only the quaker piece stitched and finished; extra goodies are not required or included. If you'd like to add something extra into the parcel you'll send, it's your choice.

Personally I'm very busy in these days, refreshing walls at my fiance's home, so I'll send the piece tomorrow morning without anything else.

As usual, wait for your receiver before posting your finished piece.
Please, write me personally the exact sending date.

Cannot wait to see mine!

An important note: this is an international exchange. I've tried to match the most different countries I could, but the main part of the quaker exchange members are American, so some exchange are domestic. The delivery will be faster, in these cases.


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