Thursday, 16 October 2008,02:17
Apologies and a propose
Hello everybody.
First of all, I want to publicly apologise for the long absence on this blog.
I'm the administrator but I haven't done a good job here lately.
I was totally away from the PC in August, and tried to come back in September, with so many thigs to settle on my website and main blog, that I temporaly skip my duties here.
Now I'm back.

I recently accepted new entrance requests, so I invite the new members to introduce theirselves to the quaker bloggers. I'll create your personal signature (let's see how apply signatures here) add the link into the Quaker bloggers column.

I want to congrats all the quaker members for their finishes, too.
Sorry for no leaving comments, however I've seen all them with feeds and really liked every personal touches you gave to your quaker pieces.

I'll try to follow again the newest releases of quaker designs, I promise I'll try.

It seems our first quaker exchange went very well, except two little obstacles almost passed (one member still has to receive her quaker animal, the first package went missed, but now it's on her way).
I think it's better to leave the second quaker exchange for the new year, after Epiphany,
but I wish to launch a Quaker Christmas Ornament SAL.
The aim is to create almost a quaker Christmas ornament for our Christmas tree. The patterns can be taken from every JCS Christmas Ornaments issues or any other Xmas ornament pattern: the only rule is that it has to be a Quaker ornament, obviously.

So, who will join?
Leave a comment to this post.

Take care,

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