Tuesday, 18 November 2008,14:32
Christmas SAL
I've chosen the Quaker Reindeer from JCS Ornaments 2006.
At the moment I'm stitching it on Quaker fabric in a natural colour using a plain dark brown Anchor thread.
I've got everything ready but off tomorrow to a Knitting and Stitching show in Yorkshire so taking it with me to start either on the journey or while I'm there. But I might even wait until after my first visit to the show on Thursday to see if I can find a suitable hand dyed thread as I had none the right colour in my stash!
I'm hoping too to pick up some Quaker design charts and have booked a Blackwork class with the Royal School of Needlework.
Just hope I've got room in my bags and enough hands to carry all my goodies home!


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