Sunday, 13 December 2009,20:58
My name is Juls
Hi my name is Juls and I am currently addicted to all things Quaker..... okay that's out of the way! Thank you for allowing me to join this blog and here is my first entry!
First is My Lady's Quaker © Jardin Prive . I was stiching her in Crescent Colors Cupid and ran out of thread and my LNS did not have a matching dyelot...and friends checked and I went to DMC and was able to match it almost perfectly of course without the variations.....On close inspection no one was able to tell! I was so lucky....but now I buy many extra skeins! Here's some more pics of her....

And here is Quaker Gone Tropic © Michelle Ink...feeling a bit neglected lately
That center motif is huge and I just need to sit down and stitch it....but here is what has had my attention since Nov 1st......Quaker Christmas © Bygone Stitches. Only 2 more pages to go! I've been stitching on this one exclusively! So there it all is.....oh and of course I have a few quakers that are tucked away in my stash.........Thanks for reading this far!

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