Sunday, 30 December 2007,19:47
Blackbird Designs Their Song

My last finish for 2007: Blackbird Designs, Their Song. This one is another piece for my scrapbook. I added labels that spell out Quaker and Cherries since I felt those items were part of the theme; the other labels acknowledge the designer and name of the design and the fabric that I used, 28 count lambswool jobelyn. The terra cotta "wallpaper" background with the ornate designs matched nicely and I added another ornate design in black and gray.

Here is a close up of the complete cross stitch design.
Here is a close up of the labels: Cherries and Their Song
Here is a close up of the labels: Quaker and Blackbird Designs.
Here is a close up of the lower right hand corner of the stitched design.

I am really enjoying my scrapbooking venture and all of the creativity that I can put into it. So far, I have 3 pages done out of 20 available. I have 2 more older designs that I plan to add soon. It should take me all of 2008 to fill this book up.

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