Thursday, 10 July 2008,21:05
Give A Sheep-Get A Sheep!
I am so glad Irene enjoyed the Quaker Sheep I sent her. I really liked this design too. He has such a sweet face. I was so thrilled then to get a Quaker Sheep from my stitcher, Veronica. I am also honored to receive an exchange from the leader of this blog. I was nearly brought to tears when I opened the package today. There is was with the Italian postmark, right from the region that my great-grandparents came from over 100 years ago. Inside the package was this gorgeous piece. The border fabric is soft and fuzzy, just like a sheep. Inside the "stitcher's wallet" is lined with a fabric printed with sheep. There are beautiful wooden rings to keep floss neat and tidy and lovely pockets with little heart buttons to stash scissors, needles etc. I love it! Thank you so much Veronica (and you too Irene) for making my first exchange such an enjoyable experience.

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