Tuesday, 22 May 2007,16:52
Wip and BP-SAL Linen/Floss Aquisition
I had a computer crash last week so I had to wait until today to post this update on SERENITY.....I put in my puppies initials on the right and on the other side are my nieces and nephews initials. I am almost finished with the medallions then it is on the the alphabet and the leaf border.This weekend I went to Alameda to "Needle in a Haystack" my LNS and did some looking about and finally, after much deliberation picked this combo for the upcoming BP - SAL. This picture really does not show how well I think these go together. What I chose to work on is a 32 count Belfast Linen called "Vintage Autumn Field" the floss is Soie d'Alger # 4625, which is a really deep wine coloured floss. As I was going over the different pieces of linen I was amazed at the difference in the patterning of the dye lots. I laid out 5 or six pieces of linen all labeled 32 count BL, VAF but they were all so completely different. This particular piece looks like it has had wine spilt all over it and then wrung out leaving a very mottled appearance all over.Can't wait to start.


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